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Our team works hard to maintain our reputation as the premier investor in distribution businesses and partner of choice for management teams and owners.

Ellipse Capital only invests in distribution businesses.  We have assembled substantial resources and contacts to support distribution companies across a wide range of end markets, organization structures and product categories. Because of our focus, we are able to spend more time with our management partners dealing with critical issues and opportunities in depth. 

We regard honesty, integrity and fairness as key ingredients to our success.  We are hard-working, direct and have no hidden agendas. We value our reputation.

We believe that all of our business partners deserve a timely response.  We meet or beat deadlines and follow-through on our commitments. We are prepared and disciplined in our approach to decision making, and seek to focus on the most important business issues rather than minutia.

We invest in our businesses for growth, and provide additional capital for internal growth and add-on acquisitions.  We also offer management teams access to analytic, strategic, financial and operating support to help effect improvements in sales, marketing, operations and financial controls.

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